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  • Aumenta la generación de energía eólica en Azerbaiyán


    This includes energy from water, wind, sun, biological waste resources, or even sea waves, with the help of certain facilities. The advantage of using this type of energy is that it does not create any environmental problems and does not pollute the nature with any hazardous waste. The use of renewable...

  • Recuperando la energía eólica en Turquía


    Dickson told participants that getting Turkey’s wind energy market back on track will require several steps. It is crucial, as soon as possible, to ensure that wind energy is exempted from Presidential Order no. 85 on the Protection of Turkish lira. The retroactive imposition of lira payments on...

  • Francia considera lanzamiento de licitación de aerogeneradores marinos de 750 MW


    The Dunkirk wind farm project is expected to improve the image of offshore wind power in France, damaged by a controversy earlier this year around high costs for the first six offshore wind energy plants (3 GW), launched in 2012 and 2014. It will also help France meet a target of 32% renewable energy...

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