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  • Wind power in Kenya: Extraordinary Wind Farm Just Got Connected


    Millions of years ago, when Australopithecines – an extinct group of hominins – were carving stone tools in the Turkana Valley, its environment was probably quite inviting. Today the area is very dry and supports one of the least dense populations in Eastern Africa. The small population...

  • Google buys into new Finnish wind energy in renewables search


    Big companies have rushed to secure cheap renewable energy to manage costs and reduce their carbon footprint through so-called corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs), which allow firms such as Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, Facebook and Microsoft to buy directly from the energy generator. Google...

  • Rep. Welch receives “U.S. Wind Champion Award”


    “I am honored to be recognized by the American Wind Energy Association,” said Welch. “The United States has barely scratched the surface of the potential of renewable energy. I’ll continue to fight for a new energy future that promotes wind and other renewable energies to reduce...

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